CHiltern christian funerals

Offering funerals of hope and support

Who We Are

Chiltern Christian Funerals has been established to ensure that people can have real choice at a loved one’s funeral. We are local church ministers who will either take the funeral ourselves, or arrange for a minister local to you to take it. We:

  • Are widely based in the Chilterns, and work in cooperation with all the local Funeral Directors

  •  Will try to arrange for a minister to come from the same area as your loved one, or nearby

  • Are experienced in taking funerals with many years in different churches, crematoria and cemeteries

Most of us are part of the Church of England, whose ministers still conduct the majority of funerals in this country.

Many people believe that death is not simply the end, and that life continues after death. The funerals we take express this hope from the Christian message that we journey on to live with God after death.