CHiltern christian funerals

Offering funerals of hope and support

Information for Clergy & Parish Administrators

At the end of 2012, the Church of England changed the basis on which fees were charged for funerals and it seems that there is still some confusion. There is now a payment to the parish, even when the whole service was at the crematorium; when the service was in church and the crematorium, there is an additional fee
due to the DBF to cover the crematorium/cemetery.

Service at crematorium or cemetery following or preceding a service in church
Where there is a service in church, the fee is still £160, but there is an additional fee of £26 which is owed to the DBF when the family go on to the crematorium or cemetery – or when they go they first and then come into the church on the same day.

Funerals for parishes in vacancy
Where a parish is in vacancy, parish administrators should be aware of the Chiltern Christian Funerals service and call upon our services to assist if we can. If the service is just at the Chilterns Crematorium, it seems appropriate that CCF is the first port of call, but we will also try and assist where there is a service following or preceding in church.