CHiltern christian funerals

Offering funerals of hope and support

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can the service be held?
A: In the Chilterns most funerals are held at Chilterns Crematorium, near Amersham.   Two additional Crematoriums are located near   Watford and near Slough. 

If thinking about a church service, then consider location and size.  Some prefer a church local to the family, while others may choose a church based on the number attending the service. Many find churches provide a special, comforting atmosphere of hope.

After a church service, there is a short service of committal at the crematorium, or burial at the graveside.   Some public cemeteries have their own chapel in the grounds.

Q: Does there have to be some connection with the church beforehand?
A: No, anyone can have a church funeral.   Sometimes people have had a connection with a church in the long distant past, but that is not a prerequisite.   Most of the funerals we take are for people who were not members of any church.

Q: We are not very religious.   Would it be awkward to ask a vicar to take the service?
A: Many people believe in God, and want some hope of life beyond death at a funeral.   As Christians we believe that God’s love is for all of us, and want to be available to offer this service for everyone, not just church members.

Q: What is important at a funeral?
A: We come to a funeral to mourn the loss of the person who has died, to give thanks for their life, and to support the bereaved family.   We do this through:

  • personal tributes
  • listening to pieces of music
  • hearing readings with particular meaning for the loved one

Q: Can we have non-religious readings in the service?
A: As soon as the date of the funeral is fixed, we will contact you to arrange a time to visit.   Poems and readings which are not religious are often chosen as they can speak of the person lost.   There is usually a personal tribute consisting of memories and facts of the person’s life, read by a close family member, a friend or the minister.

There is always a Bible reading and prayers, including the Lord’s Prayer.   The minister can help you choose these if you wish.

Q: Can I have music?
A: You can have hymns, which are usually accompanied by the organ.   You may also choose favourite music of the loved one during the service, and there is usually music at the beginning and the end of the service whether in church or in the crematorium.   All this is discussed in our pre-funeral visit with you.

Q: How do I organise the printing of the Order of Service?
A: The Funeral Directors usually provide this service.  A photograph is often included on the cover.   Alternatively you can make arrangements with a local printer.

You do not have to have an Order of Service, but it helps the service run smoothly and is often a source of comfort afterwards to reflect on.   It can also be sent to family and friends who were unable to attend the funeral.